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PubHub is packed full of features to help you find out more about your favourite venues


    Find the best deals at pubs in your area! If you’re looking for a cheap steak or happy hour, or maybe you’re keen for some pub trivia or a meat raffle – PubHub gives you all the information you need with a few quick taps and swipes on the app.


    Stuck for ideas on where to go for the biggest events of the year? PubHub


    Can’t remember that awesome venue you found? Or keen to build a list of the best offers and events at all your locals? Save them straight into your favourites for quick access in the future.


    Looking for the perfect place to go out with your mates? Find out everything you need to know about venues around Australia. Venue pages include photos, contact details, opening hours, venue descriptions and features lists.


PubHub is a mobile application that connects pubs, clubs, bars and nightclubs with it customers. We strive to build the most modern and intuitive design, and make it as easy as possible for our users to find information on their favourite venues.

PubHub Cards

Go to the Cards area of the App for quick access to all the offers and events in your area.

  • Swipe to Navigate

    You can swipe up to move to the next card, swipe right to add the card to your saved list, or swipe left to let the app know you’re not interested (show less).

  • Personalised Content

    PubHub will learn what you like over time! Based on how you interact with offers and events (i.e. save or show less) we’ll make sure we present the most relevant content to you in the future.

  • Take me to the Pub

    Keen to get to the pub quickly? You can click on the pin icon on the card and PubHub will open maps and taxi apps stored on your phone. You can also click on the venue name to get detailed information including venue features, offers and events lists and menus.


The PubHub App

The PubHub mobile app is the most comprehensive source of information on pubs and clubs in Australia. Find the best venues, deals and events wherever you are, whenever you want. Search for venues by name, location, features and offerings or just browse for pubs close by on the interactive map. Looking for something to do? PubHub provides quick access to pub content including food and drink specials, happy hours, special events, trivia & poker nights.

Who We Are

Our vision is to provide our USERS with the most comprehensive and useful pub app in the world. We strive to connect our VENUES with their customers by creating new and easy to use communication channels. Our EMPLOYEES are proud of the products and services we produce.

We believe that pubs play an important role within local communities; a meeting place where social networks are strengthened and extended, as well as hosting a wide variety of community oriented events and activities that add considerably to local civic life.


Some promotional videos we did for Pirate Life Brewery in South Australia


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